? Is READY STEADMAN GO! for real? And if it is, did Carl Steadman create it himself?

Yes, it is for real, in that it is not a joke. It is an homage to someone who has inspired, and made a difference in, the lives of various people. And no, despite popular opinion, Carl Steadman is not the creator of this page, although he has had quite a lot of input into the FAQ and various other parts of the site.

? Q: What happened to Chester, the cat?

A: Chester now lives in Duluth, Minnesota, with Jane.

? Q: I have a funny piece of writing that I want to submit to Suck. Should I send it to Carl?

A: No. Carl would prefer that you send Suck submissions to either Ana Marie Cox, who edits Suck, or David Moodie, who edits Might. Using the pub's name as a verb is encouraged, as always. If you're double submitting, "This might suck." may be an appropriate introduction to your piece.

? Q: When is the next version of Placing coming out?

A: According to Carl, the next edition of Placing, based on reader submissions, should be ready sometime in late summer or early fall. There's also rumors of a push-enhanced followup to Placing.

? Q: Are Carl and Joey ever going to work together again?

A: Carl has said that he looks forward to partnering again with Joey, albeit in an industry accustomed to providing compensation packages commensurate with their combined talents.

? Q: I sent mail to Carl weeks ago, and he still hasn't replied. Will he? Does he have a "secret" AOL address?

A: Carl reads all of his mail, but sometimes takes days or even weeks to respond. This is only so that he can devote the amount of attention that each piece of fan mail so truly deserves.

? Q: Is the Andra story true?

A: Based on the newspaper accounts, yes, it would appear so.

? Is there any connection between Carl and Walter Miller?

As the answer to this question requires a fair amount of space, its body has been moved to a different page.

? The internet is great and all, but is there any way I can get pictures of Carl to hang in my room next to my Christian Slater posters?

Yes! Carl appeared in the November 1996 issue of Wired and in a series of pinups in Rolling Stone.

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